Introducing the most advanced yet cost effective interactive whiteboard solution for any projection or flat screen display.

Arvia Interactive Whiteboard Kit transforms any flat surface – including concrete wall and TV into an interactive whiteboard for learning and presentation by the help of any projector. The biggest advantage of our technology is its affordability, versatility, and practicality for any organization from a large corporations, universities, private colleges, high schools or even preschools. The price it of our solutions is much lower than other solutions as well as Interactive Smartboard TV panel. The uses of Interactive Whiteboard is undoubtly improve teaching and lerning the in the 21st century classroom.

Interactive Whiteboard System

Interactive Whiteboard Advantages

Cost Effective

The price of the Interactive Whiteboard System is much lower than conventional whiteboard IR panel or Smartboard. At only Rm3,800, your organization can afford to offer a great opportunity for engaging interactive learning.

Easy to Use

The Interactive Whiteboard System is easy to install and comes with auto calibration. Once callibrated, it can be used directly, without the need to calibrate every time you want to use. Just plug the HDMI cable provided and the previous laptop configured.

Use Existing Projector & Laptop

Your organization may already has a projector. Why replace the projector just to have an interactive learning school environment? Get our Interactive whiteboard and plug to to existing projector. It will work !

Powerful Free Software

The FREE Interactive whiteboard software allows presentation of multi-media materials more creatively and fun including writings, pictures, annotate and play sound and video, which make presentations more individual whiteboards are not limited to paper records, chalks and additionally cards.

>> More Interactive Whiteboard Video here.

How Interactive Whiteboard Works : Introduction

Let us explain brieftly how the uses of Interactive whiteboard works. The Interactive whiteboard component is Emitter, sensor, projector and concrete wall. The emitter will emit a laser. When one touch the wall, the sensor will detect the position where it was touched.

Interactive Whiteboard Testimonial Video

SMK USJ13 is the first school in Malaysia to implement Arvia interactive whiteboard. Watch the review by the Principal and teacher about our Interactive Whiteboard on their wall at school. All teachers agree this technology that enable interactivity is useful and will help in their teaching in class.

Interactive Whiteboard Software

Interactive learning Schools and organizations are utilizing the innovation to enhance learning as well as encourage correspondence and active learning in a classroom. Intelligent whiteboards and Smartboard offer a scope of devices that make gatherings and introductions over a video conferencing simpler. They can present multi-media materials more creatively including writings, pictures, annotate and play sound and video, which make presentations more individual whiteboards are not limited to paper records, chalks and additionally cards.

Interactive Whiteboard Software

Interactive Whiteboard Software Features

Gestures recognition in Windows

Slide up with 5 fingers for maximizing or backing to the windows
Slide up the bottom of screen with palm for displaying all the windows
Slide down with 5 fingers for minimizing the windows
Slide from left or right with 5 fingers for shifting the windows
Two fingers rotate the picture
Stay 1s with palm in one windows for moving it
Two fingers away from or closer for zoom in and zoom out the picture or the website
Slide down with 10 fingers for minimizing all the windows

Gestures recognition in education software GL board

Erase with palm 2 fingers away for moving the page Double slap with palm for backing to the desktop
Stay 1s with palm for spotlight
In any non-writing operation, double click
with single finger for shifting to write